Organization and Initiative Governance Expertise

Structuring for agility, high performance and success

The state of an organization’s corporate or project governance is a reflection of its ability to adapt to change. Effective governance frameworks have a clear common purpose, flexible and agile decision-making structures, and efficient management systems to enable enhanced corporate performance.

SRI has extensive experience in assisting public and private sector organizations with developing and implementing governance frameworks. We:

  • Identify issues that must be addressed to avert risk, achieve corporate objectives and enhance performance. This involves defining and communicating the need and urgency for change among key stakeholders
  • Establish a fluid and agile process to implement change that is supported by an Executive champion or influential coalition
  • Develop and assist with implementing the new or amended performance model to promote and instill the desired:
    • Cultural Values – clearly defined expectations
    • Structures – authorities, roles and responsibilities
    • Systems of Management – verifying performance and providing decision makers with necessary information (data)

Sustainable Solutions

“Our business is developing strategies for sustainable business solutions and sustainable business relationships.”

SRI Founding Partners

Organization and Initiative Governance Experience

Our public sector experience includes developing/implementing governance frameworks for cross-enterprise procurement processes and opportunities, broadband expansions, information technology initiatives, supplier/sourcing projects, infrastructure and shared services. In addition, SRI supported the development of a corporate governance framework for a newly incorporated outsourcer – which is currently generating in excess of $500 million in revenues.

Selected engagements include the following:

  • Review of government land exchange policies and development of appropriate governance structure to streamline internal decision making and provide an opportunity for public involvement inn key initiatives
  • Preparation of a comprehensive business case and associated governance structure relating to the proposed move of multiple post-secondary institution Departments from a campus to downtown location by utilizing a unique “P4” approach (philanthropic component)
  • Extensive review of shared services and outsourcing research, articles and case studies supported by internal and external consultations to assist with the development of key recommendations and an effective governance structure to enable the achievement of cross-enterprise initiatives