Business Solutions

Sustainable Business Solutions Expertise

Creating sustainable solutions through collaboration and consultation

  • Comprehensive understanding of the public sector environment and its impact on stakeholders
  • In-depth evaluation of existing processes, plans (business or otherwise) and strategic direction
  • Solutions reflect stakeholder requirements and expectations, address barriers to success and incorporate go-forward and change management strategies

Organizations are constantly challenged to become more efficient and effective within a context of rising human and capital resource costs, static budgets and increasing stakeholder expectations.

Doing so successfully means organizations must constantly evaluate their processes and strategic direction and adopt creative solutions that are sustainable, accountable and financially beneficial to stakeholders.

SRI has extensive experience in working with public and private sector organizations to develop and implement such solutions. We offer an objective, comprehensive and unique approach to ensure parties understand the limitations, requirements and expectations of the others, the factors preventing the parties from resolving the issue, how to effectively manage change and the components of a successful resolution to ensure a win-win result.

Sustainable Solutions

“Our business is developing strategies for sustainable business solutions and sustainable business relationships.”

SRI Founding Partners

Sustainable Business Solutions Experience

Public Sector Solutions Experience

  • Facilitation of consultations with stakeholders to assist in developing a framework and policy for the management of Alberta’s feral horse populations. SRI also assisted with solution development and prepared numerous reports for government consideration
  • Strategic counsel and communications advice to a client municipality and other municipal coalition members regarding a provincial regional and land use planning initiative
  • Comprehensive review of a provincial government’s corporate shared services initiative
  • Engagements with a variety of provincial Ministries and other public stakeholders to prepare feasibility studies, business cases and opportunity papers and conduct stakeholder consultations. Retainers included areas relating to the environment, advanced education, infrastructure, corporate registries and procurement policies/processes.

Private Sector Solutions Experience

  • Review and proposed restructuring of a master service agreement between a private sector client and provincial government for an enterprise wide outsourcing project
  • Governance, marketing, communications and human resources support to a start-up ICT outsourcing division (and later new company)
  • Development of business solutions and proposals relating to numerous public procurement opportunities